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Originally Posted by Bacchus View Post
ARs are not like other hunting rifles. They are high-power weapons in addition to firing multiple rounds quickly, their muzzle velocity is almost double that of a typical traditional shotgun. Plus they can be easily modified with 100 round clips and even a grenade launcher.

What happened to the days when you would go deer hunting with your 30-06 Springfield. Damn that is the only hunting rifle you'd ever need, great gun.
Umm, the maximum effective range is the same as a it is in fact like other hunting rifles.

AR-15's cannot be fired any faster than any other semi-automatic weapon can be fired.

Many friends of mine use their AR-15's for hunting wild boars-javelinas, and have yet to see any of them bust out a 100 round magazine, let alone a grenade launcher, which btw would be an M-203.....which I'm sure cannot be purchased in your local gun shop or Walmart, and even if you could, where would you get the ordnance?
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