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Originally Posted by B-Large View Post
Its the design of the United States government, specifically making it very hard to get **** done.... its probably a good thing in the end
It is a good thing. They had immediately reversed a atleast 6 decades old ruling about unions having to have a majority of total folks in a union election say nay to block organization request.

Before it was they had to have 50% plus one vote of all eligible members. Thus those that did not wish to vote at all would be counted as a nay vote.

They immediately changed the rule to be 50% + 1 of those that voted.

Which would normally be fair but then the union organizers rammed through a bunch of elections before the potential members had a chance to understand the rules. They had been down this road before and their lack of a vote was counted as nay. So loads of employees did not understand the rule change and did not vote.

There were other changes to the board which should be NEUTRAL in all elections To one that is pro union. We all know he did this to pay back all the union bosses that gave him money.

This reversal is a very good thing for folks that DO NOT WANT TO give their hard earned money to thugs and racketeers who in turn fund sleazy campaigns. Without their approval.
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