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Originally Posted by NFLBRONCO View Post
Love Doom but, let's face the facts.

He's an all pro in a 3-4 D. He is nothing special in a 4-3 D.
Doom is special at pass rush.. IF and when they get some quality BIGGIES inside the DL he will be just that more special..

I have said it since 2002 if you have quality on the DL then everyone behind them is just that much better.. You do not need all pros as DBs because they do not have to cover their man forever..

the NYG have proved that point for years good players behind their great DL and they win the battles most of the time..

the fact is you can not afford to have 5-7 all pros on a team they just flat cost to much.. but get those run stopping/ pocket collapsing BIGGIE guys. Nagata/Wilfork and everyone around them gets better..

IF we can find one biggie guy to match up with Ayers on the other side that gives us three guys that do it all with DOOM getting some more sacks.. and Von going nuts chasing them down or into Dooms path..
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