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Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
Who do we have in the middle? Brooking, at 37? Steven Johnson, a UDFA? Do you bring Mays back? I'm not a big fan of DJ. Time for him to go, hopefully for a good pick or two. Woodyard has stepped it up at the Will spot. We don't need the headache of DJ. Obviously, we need major depth and competition at the MLB position. I like the idea of using a fifth round pick to roll the dice on the type of player who scouts question (and drops in the draft) because he doesn't fit their formula of height, speed, etc. and yet coaches can't take that player off the field because of his high effort and smarts. That's what Klein brings. He's a steal in the fifth, IMO.

What my mock does is take an area of weakness, the middle of the defense, and turn it into a strength. With this kind of draft, I would envision the Broncos making a serious play for Amendola or Welker, to improve the receiving corps. Stepfan and Bailey would take the running game up another notch. The Broncos are loaded at OLB, comparatively speaking. Plus, Del Rio plays a lot of 3-4 in pass rush situations, putting Von at DE opposite Doom. We have plenty of speed on the outsides, but often we get burned up the middle on the runs because we take out the big guys and opposing QBs switch to runs. Having a couple of run stuffing ILBs gives you more options.

I envision a pass rush package of Doom, Floyd and Wolfe, with a LB package of Woodyard, Chase, Klein and Von. (Note: Thomas and Klein are both pretty good pass rushers, when called on to do it). That's massive pressure on the pass rush side and if you try to run it past the DT, you've got two ass kicking MLBs whose speciality is shedding guards and bringing down RBs. You can rush the passer and still stuff the run. Instead of putting all your size on the D line, you put some in the MLB position.

Here's a nice Earl Wolff vid:
So the defense would officially a 'pack' of Wolf(f)es!?! It's a Youtube vid but I like what I see from this kid.
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