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Originally Posted by DENVERDUI55 View Post
They are all the same semi automatic rifles and their actions work in similar fasion. The first picture is an AR that people always call a full automatic machine gun or assault rifle. Another funny thing is everyone thinks AR's come only in .223 caliber.
Most of the libs. Do not have a clue on what a firearm is.

There was a great demo by a chick that shoots competitively on Hannity the other night.

She shoot a .223 AR , a .306 a shotgun with a slug and normal shot shell, a 9mm and a .45. And demonstrated the difference in the hole sizes. Showed how the weapons worked.

If the moronic left libs would watch that demo that might have a clue. But they would rather stick their head up their rectums and beleive fenstien and her lies.
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