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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
Or at least since 2007 when the Democratic Senate did the same thing to Bush. Man you've really got those indignation panties in a twist today.
A responsible minority party blocks the occasional nomination due to serious issues or conflicts that they believe are paramount to the operation of effective government. The current GOP actions shut down the most crucial appointments in following a strategy their leaders have devised, designed strictly to cripple the effectiveness of government in an orchestrated, ideological and partisan attack. In other words, it's an attack on the presidency itself which serves no other purpose than to weaken his administration and make him less effective for political advantage. It follows the basic Republican concept of "**** the country. Politics come first."

This is part of a larger confirmation crisis in the Senate: Republicans have blocked 223 of President Obama’s 1,132 executive and judicial appointees—over 20 percent. Republican senators have enforced a strict sixty-vote threshold for most nominations, and sometimes holds are placed on nominees anyhow. This hobbles crucial federal agencies and is yet another successful prong of the Republican war against effective government.
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