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Originally Posted by That One Guy View Post
Maybe that's the issue. I've tried a few different brands but never much more than Norton's or McAfee. I always figure they should be capable of clearing a virus as well as preventing so when they can't clear, I assume they're as incapable at preventing. Especially in my younger days and as a kid, the computers we had were barely functional so running an AV preventatively seemed like a waste.

So it's a hard question to deal with: Did I not get infected because I have an AV or did I just not come across a virus?
Funny enough, most knowledgeable users consider Norton and McAfee to be two of the worst AV options on the market. They're bloated, have heavy handed update systems, and honestly aren't even updated as quickly as the free alternative. Also, since they're the OEM standard they're also the ones most targeted to beat.

I'm personally partial to AVG. Keep it from installing the secure search ad ons and it's a very unobtrusive, highly effective anti-virus with a sub-5 MB footprint. I've used Avira quite a bit as well though and it is a quality program in it's own right.

AVG plus Malware Bytes (disable run at start-up) and CCleaner basically goes above and beyond the functionality of Norton Systemworks with at worst 10% of the memory footprint, 5% of the CPU clock cycles, and zero money out of pocket.

Originally Posted by That One Guy View Post
If I steal your car, you no longer have a car. If I steal a car from a dealership, they no longer have a car. I replaced Office Starter (ad-based) with Office 2010 today. What was different in the world? How would the world be different if I hadn't made a thread asking other people about it?

If I couldn't have had office for free, I'd have kept using starter for free. Totally different stealing intellectual property from physical theft.
I would agree, and the penalties shouldn't be the same as larceny in it's original form, but it is still stealing, by even your own description.

What's worse, it's a pointless crime more akin to vandalism since there are high quality options available for free that your support could, in the long run, spur serious competition and innovation within the industry.
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