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Originally Posted by nyuk nyuk View Post
It was the press conference he gave with Panetta when they announced this whole thing. They admitted it then and there. For some odd reason the media left that part out of the nightly news.

U.S. Department of Defense
Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Public Affairs)
News Transcript

These situations are ALWAYS about racial and gender bean counting. There is a percentage that is demanded and standards will be expected to be lowered to accomplish this. Dempsey admits this indirectly:

We'll also integrate women in a way that enhances opportunity for everyone. This means setting clear standards of performance for all occupations based on what it actually takes to do the job. It also means ensuring that these standards are general [gender] neutral in occupations that will open to women.

As we introduce to women to previously closed occupations, we must make sure that there are a sufficient number of females entering the career field and already assigned to the related commands and leadership positions in order to sustain success over time.

The services and Special Operations Command will begin expanding the number of units and the number of women assigned to those units this year. They will continue to assess, develop and validate gender neutral standards so that we can start assigning personnel to previously closed occupations. And they will take the time needed to do the work without compromising the principles I just mentioned.


Dempsey is being a bit Orwellian. You can't have standards and then have X percentage of women involved. You simply can't. He's admitting between the lines that he understands that that's the case. This is another case of pandering and fencepost riding. "Gender neutral" is the big hint here.
That definitely sounds like they're going to MOS based but gender neutral standards. I absolutely love that. We'll see how they do it but I think it can be done. More women will always want to be secretaries than Special Forces.
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