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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
I can't afford photoshop so i use the free program GIMP. Not as good but i get by with it. i can't lie though i am no better because I have downloaded a lot of free music.

We basically justified a way of stealing because its so easy and not looked on like regular theiving from a store or something.
Its a great experiment on human behavoir.
If I steal your car, you no longer have a car. If I steal a car from a dealership, they no longer have a car. I replaced Office Starter (ad-based) with Office 2010 today. What was different in the world? How would the world be different if I hadn't made a thread asking other people about it?

If I couldn't have had office for free, I'd have kept using starter for free. Totally different stealing intellectual property from physical theft.
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