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Originally Posted by BroncoMan4ever View Post
Good point on the military grade point of my post. Did not clarify. Handguns and rifles are weapons anyone can have, but I feel if it is a gun a teenager likes to use in call of duty, it is too much for the average american. And on the point of amount limits, no one should have an arsenal with enough firepower to be able to launch an assault on a building. In america there are 2 trur reasons for having guns. Protection and hunting.

To protect yourself a run of the mill hand gun is fine. You don't need an M16. For hunting rifles are fine and realistically you don't need an uzi to snuff a deer.
wow you left out what guns are used for more then anything. Target practice and recreational shooting. Then you go on to say something vauge if it looks like a gun from Call Of Duty you can't own it? That is so silly. Then last you say a man should only own 1 or 2 guns. What if i want a .22 because the ammo cheap. A shotgun because they are so usefull for protection and small game/bird hunting. Then i need my .20 gauge for even smaller birds. I would like a .308 to hunt deer and a .223 to target practice with and use for protection. In handguns I need both a .22 because the ammo is cheap to practice with, and a bigger one for protection, say a 9mm. Also though my dad gave me a .44 revolver and i have that as a family heirloom. See where i am going with this? What you call an arsenal I call a collection.

Liberals can go **** themsleves on this issue.
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