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Don't be an idiot. Palin made a vid about shooting wolves from a helicopter and another about slaughtering turkeys. She SOLD herself as Caribou Barbie. It was a persona she promulgated and profited from.
Who coined the term? Liberal "comedian" Stephanie Miller gets the credit for that. Coming from a liberal, you think it was meant as a compliment?

So if a conservative comedian called a liberal politician he didn't like a f----t and the intended target took it and went with the term in a way to defy the person that said it, you'd then say the term wasn't demeaning and that the guy voluntarily marketed himself as a f----t, right?

I didn't think so, and my Ghetto Barbie comparison stands.

Rather, between the lines, especially coming from a liberal female, it's meant to clearly degrade Palin as a female who is a "sell out" and thus a plastic Barbie doll for being a Republican. It was meant to demean and you know it.

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