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Originally Posted by Missouribronc View Post
I have a feeling you'll be surprised when the cap numbers come out after the start of the season next year, and when Clady is signed. And honestly, I don't think Elway and company will worry too much about "cap" when they sign Clady. He's that important.
I may be.. But then so might y'all.

If he was elite and all they would not have tried to lowball him last year.

Since he will be a UFA that means we have to be against all the bottom feeders as well as a few that just need that one guy to get to the next level.

Since John said he wanted build via the draft and knowing he has almost half the team (as we speak) needing to be replaced or resigned, he may just decide a not so elite (that is what Clady is) can be had for a third or less of his going rate.

If he was a complete OLT being able to run block as well as handle speed rushers, if our QB was not able to get rid of the ball fast as he does, then and only then he may feel the need to over pay for a less than elite OLT. IMO.

If he does then I'm ok with it.

Just know that getting a few more "frill UFA" may be out of the question.
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