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you kidding most .223 assault rifles not even legal for hunting big game because they aren't powerful enough. My brothers .308 winchester hunting rifle way more powerful then an AR.

I am all for anyone being caught with grenades to be arrested. Aren't grenades already illegal? If so how is that an issue? That is more BS to try and make non gun owners thing holy cow these people have grenade launchers and live grenades. Fine make it illegal to have a grenade launcher but outlawing pistol grips, collapsable stocks or 2 round clips is a joke.
Yeah it became apparent when he compared the muzzle velocity of an AR15 with a shotgun that he's not real familiar with firearms.

I know a bear hunter or three. They wouldn't be caught dead going anywhere with a 223. That's for Prairie dogs. Not even really adequate for deer. "Assault" rifles are only notorious to people unfamiliar with firearms because they look mean. What is it about this country that policies need be tailored to the whims of the most ignorant?
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