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Originally Posted by BroncoMan4ever View Post
I agree the average law abiding person should be able to. Purchase and possess a gun if they so choose. It is their right and I agree with it completely. What I think though is that no one needs an arsenal of dozens of guns and no average citizen needs military grade weaponry. That is why I thibk gun limits should be put into action. However I don't agree that the goverment should take guns from citizens who already possess them.

I walk a middle road on this subject. I believe americans should be able to have guns but I believe the type and amount should be within reason
I am against anything that is hard to enforce, and even when enforced does not make us safer. How many guns someone owns doesn't matter and limiting them to 10 or whatever would not make us safer.

Military grade? what does that mean? Are you saying if the military uses it then the public should not have it? because they use sidearms, shotguns etc etc.
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