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... well, that was kinda a typo. It was just easier to type that is all.

To tell you the truth I don't really care much abotu this gun control legislation. America is the most violent industrialized country in the world but I think Americans like it that way. Nothing will change that. An ASSAULT weapon ban won't change that either. Am I for it? Sure, but it would not even be talked about if it wasn't for Connecticut. I don't think Obama will stomach a long fight at the cost of some of his other programs.
If you look at the old 1990s "assault weapon" ban, the only meaningful thing about it was the banning of cartridges larger than 10 rounds, which is irrelevant since even pistols can have cartridges of 30. What they "banned" was elements of the housing which looked scary

The term assault weapon, when used in the context of assault-weapon laws, refers primarily (but not exclusively) to semi-automatic firearms that possess the cosmetic features of an assault rifle that is fully automatic. Actually possessing the operational features, such as 'full-auto', changes the classification from assault weapons to Title II weapons. Merely the possession of cosmetic features is enough to warrant classification as an assault weapon.

What do pistol grips, flash suppressors, and bayonet amounts do that's so special besides make a gun look more scary like in the movies? Nothing.

Everything you need to know about the assault weapons ban, in one post
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