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Originally Posted by ScottXray View Post
As far as the gun ban goes.

I don't think that an absolute assault weapons ban is politically possible.
However, there is really no reason for any private citizen to have a need to have one, other than curiosity and hobby uses. Since these types of weapons are expensive to start with , raising the bar in price is not going to
be much of a hindrance.

Instead of banning them it should be possible to require a license to purchase one, with an extensive background check and waiting period. Positive ID, no criminal history and no mental history should be bare minimum requirements. Currently you can purchase a machine gun, although it requires a federal license ( and a $50000 fee). Requiring such, with maybe a $250 license fee would effectively limit their casual spread. Also, make it illegal for a private party to sell or transfer one to anyone but a licensed dealer, closing the gun show hole. Fine of $10000 for each occurence. The gun shows will continue, but only federally licensed dealers should be able to sell and must comply with federal and state laws.

Over 10 round magazines should be banned, period. While this won't solve the problem, it will at least require the crazy people that have effected some of the recent outrageous killings, to reload more often , giving a 1-2 second gap in their spree. An outright ban on selling any magazine over 10 rounds should be put in, and no magazine should have any removable block or mod that can expand its capacity, possible. There could be a program to exchange large capacity magazines for equivalent smaller ones made a part of such a ban, as well as a outright purchase plan to private citizens. The manufacturers could get a federal check for every magazine exchanged, prompting them to manufacture them ( this will also help the employment situation).

Handguns and "sporting" arms laws ( legitimate hunting rifles, shotguns etc)remain unchanged, except for background checks.

While most honest citizens never use their weapons in any harmful way, the potential for damage of assault weapons is unreasonable, and some laws for restraint are needed, to ensure ( as much as reasonably possible) that they do not go to the wrong people.

With over 300 million guns in private hands in the US this is only a small step.
It will not solve the problems, but may help eventually close down some of the abuses .
I have a few issues:

1. Do you really think hunting and sport is the reason the second amendment exists? If not, you can't use that to justify what people can have.

2. If people disagree with the second amendment, change it. Don't circumvent it. Things like issuing fees such outrageous that noone could afford them would be such a blatant disregard of the constitution that anyone still revering the document couldn't even pretend to support it. There's a mechanism in place to change laws that shouldn't apply anymore - use it.

3. You can't stop people from doing what they want to do. These shootings are just an indicator of the mental health of our country as a whole. This isn't something where trying to treat a symptom will solve it.

4. Why is this Fed Gov domain? Let the states face this issue.
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