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Originally Posted by That One Guy View Post
So I take it you are a payer. Awesome.
So specifically listing the free alternatives makes you think I actually pay for the industry standard offerings?

I actually have a copy of MS Office somewhere that I bought back in the day. It was 07 and only cost $20 through the Army deal. I went to buy a student copy a few years ago and it was up to $95 or something.
And? MS still offers sales for home use to the military, school faculty and students, and even many large license holding private companies. Also, for how frequently most people use Office do you really think $95 is all that much? You probably pay more for that per month for cable/satellite, and the NFL/DirecTV feels they're entitled to over three times that just to watch football games over the span of 17 weeks. I'd say it's a pretty "high value" offering relative to time spent working with it.

As for the photoshop, that one I am aware that there's other alternatives but, again, it's a mix of wanting to be proficient on the one everyone uses and already knowing how to use this one. Which do you think Adobe would prefer (serious question), me pirating theirs at home or just using a competitors for free? Either way, they're not getting money. Which would they prefer?
Seeings how you pirating it helps build the culture that steals them of sales, yes they would. Also, that (people using the free alternative) on a large scale would prompt them to offer more features and better pricing for Elements, as the market for the product would be more quantifiable.

And Daemon tools... like I said, they exist for piraters. They can hardly take a high road here. I guess my question above also applies to them, though. Would they prefer I pirate them or use a competitor for free? I know you aren't in their heads but take a guess.
First of all, there are other uses for Daemon tools. Second, do you think it's completely moral to steal anything you want from someone's home once they're convicted of a crime? Last I checked handing out punitive damages for participating in criminal activity was the jurisdiction of the government, not individuals.

And I was just posting this out of curiosity while I'm installing. For the sake of making you feel good, I'm willing to say I'm just using everything on the trial period.
I don't give a **** what you do man, doesn't bother me one way or the other. I'm just pointing out that you're an intellectually dishonest thief who is using a message board to simultaneously validate and brag about your crime. A crime that any 7 year old can perpetrate, as well as spot the immorality of.
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