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Originally Posted by Drek View Post
That's some crazy rationalization for copyright infringement.

1. all of those companies have versions that are directly targeted at home users. Adobe has Photoshop Elements, Microsoft has Office Home & Student, Daemon Tools has multiple varieties including Lite, and range from all of ~$20-$50.

2. all of these products have comparable freeware alternatives. Photoshop can be replaced via Gimp and Paint.Net. MS Office can be replaced with LibreOffice. Daemon Tools' disc burning features are more than replaced with ImgBurn and the image mounting feature is matched by ISODisk.

So because you're too lazy to investigate the free alternatives you instead rationalize your illicit downloading and use of copyrighted software because you fantasize a world where you aren't the target audience.
So I take it you are a payer. Awesome.

I actually have a copy of MS Office somewhere that I bought back in the day. It was 07 and only cost $20 through the Army deal. I went to buy a student copy a few years ago and it was up to $95 or something.

As for the photoshop, that one I am aware that there's other alternatives but, again, it's a mix of wanting to be proficient on the one everyone uses and already knowing how to use this one. Which do you think Adobe would prefer (serious question), me pirating theirs at home or just using a competitors for free? Either way, they're not getting money. Which would they prefer?

And Daemon tools... like I said, they exist for piraters. They can hardly take a high road here. I guess my question above also applies to them, though. Would they prefer I pirate them or use a competitor for free? I know you aren't in their heads but take a guess.

And I was just posting this out of curiosity while I'm installing. For the sake of making you feel good, I'm willing to say I'm just using everything on the trial period.
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