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Originally Posted by That One Guy View Post
So I just got my laptop back from getting repaired and I'm having to install a bunch of software to do some work. I'm grabbing photoshop, MS Office, and daemon tools to install them at the current moment. If I paid for everything, that'd be well over $1000 for pretty much just two programs. I'm just curious if anyone actually pays for these things on their home PCs? My philosophy is that these things are really catered to the professional market and they understand the prices are unreasonable and the home users will just pirate them.

In a way, you might even argue that using them at home makes people more proficient in them and makes it more of a necessity for professional environments to buy them.

Anyways, just curious, do you guys pay for this software? Is there a cutoff where you draw the line? Or if you can't afford it, do you just not have it?
That's some crazy rationalization for copyright infringement.

1. all of those companies have versions that are directly targeted at home users. Adobe has Photoshop Elements, Microsoft has Office Home & Student, Daemon Tools has multiple varieties including Lite, and range from all of ~$20-$50.

2. all of these products have comparable freeware alternatives. Photoshop can be replaced via Gimp and Paint.Net. MS Office can be replaced with LibreOffice. Daemon Tools' disc burning features are more than replaced with ImgBurn and the image mounting feature is matched by ISODisk.

So because you're too lazy to investigate the free alternatives you instead rationalize your illicit downloading and use of copyrighted software because you fantasize a world where you aren't the target audience.
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