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Originally Posted by DenverBound View Post
If you pay for software, your doing it wrong.

The only software that I'll pay for is from smaller startup companies that I really want to support. Microsoft, Adobe, or any other big name Co can kiss me, and tell me that you love me..

... I said they could bIow me... Random edit FTW..

I, for a minute considered actually paying for Daemon tools as I believe it's fairly cheap and very handy but then the irony of paying for a piece of software which is almost exclusively used for pirating software was just too much. Or it was just my way of defending it in my head. Either way, yeah, I just can't imagine hundreds of dollars in software is targeted at the home market.

I actually got a MS Office light with this computer. The word and excel are ad-based and it has no powerpoint or access. I thought that was really strange.
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