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Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
The simple fact is I used those number from sportrac several weeks ago for this info.

So while I may be of a bit on my numbers at the time I did this they were spot on.

As for Clady he may be worth 12 million a year as a franchise OLT. The question John has to ask is he to rich for our blood. considering we have IIRC 24 more UFA at the end if the 2013 season. Can we afford him and and sign those that need to be kept from that list that is posted above.

Thanks for your normal courteous reply. Just like the old days. Friday nite LITES.
I have a feeling you'll be surprised when the cap numbers come out after the start of the season next year, and when Clady is signed. And honestly, I don't think Elway and company will worry too much about "cap" when they sign Clady. He's that important.
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