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Originally Posted by extralife View Post
three problems, of course.

1. Bailey wasn't coming off a torn ACL. and it's not even a common injury at all for a DB, so it's hard to gauge how easy it is to come back from. agility is kind of important to top flight corner play.

2. CB is not particularly a weakness on this team. when we traded for Bailey, we had a gaping hole at corner. Ask Peyton about the 2003 Broncos secondary.

3. I know we had to open up the checkbook for Champ when we traded for him, but the numbers being tossed around in regards to Revis are $16 million a year. That's an absurd contract. And we have to pay Clady as it is.
You are spot on with 1,2 and 3a.

As for Clady. Not sure we can afford him long term and certainly can't revis.

Iirc we have 23 pr so ufA as of the end of 2013. Four or five of them are for sure keepers. Plus just having to replace that many bodies to fill out the roster will be big money anyway. Figure at about 700k average for the last 16-17 and your talking some real money.
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