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Originally Posted by Lestat View Post
i don't give a crap what he cost. this is similar to when Bailey became available years ago. it would be a huge addition to the D and fortify a key area of need.
the impact that Revis would have on this defense and for Bailey would be epic.
three problems, of course.

1. Bailey wasn't coming off a torn ACL. and it's not even a common injury at all for a DB, so it's hard to gauge how easy it is to come back from. agility is kind of important to top flight corner play.

2. CB is not particularly a weakness on this team. when we traded for Bailey, we had a gaping hole at corner. Ask Peyton about the 2003 Broncos secondary.

3. I know we had to open up the checkbook for Champ when we traded for him, but the numbers being tossed around in regards to Revis are $16 million a year. That's an absurd contract. And we have to pay Clady as it is.
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