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Originally Posted by Missouribronc View Post
Let's start with the basics.

First, Clady's cap hit was nearly $6 million in 2012. So if the Broncos pay him $12 million (Joe Thomas money) they only take an extra cap hit of $6 million. The cap hits don't compound.

That doesn't even include the $11.97 million in cap hits coming off the books for free agents to be, i.e., Lance Ball ($540,000), Tracy Porter ($4,000,000), Bannon ($1,000,000), Brookings ($1,000,000), Chris Clark ($540,000), Chris Gronkowski ($540,000), Jim Leonhard ($890,000), Jason Hunter ($700,000), Ty Warren ($1,500,000) and Matt Willis ($1,260,000), that likely won't be resigned.

That leaves roughly $27.97 million of cap room flexibility. Take into consideration that Denver's rookie cap hits last year was something like $4 million, so that still leaves the Broncos with $23.97 million in cap space to work with even after signing Clady.

Granted, there will be some dead cap space accrued from something, and that will cut down on that, but there's also a lot of dead cap space that comes off the books too.
YET the cap hit each year would be 12 million addition by subtraction just does not work.. 12 mil is 12 mill is 12 mil..

does any one really believe that he is worth 12 million.. I'm sure on here all the kiddies will swoon over it.. but I doubt that John will when the long term realities hit him..

yet he is NOT the same guy we had as a rookie since his knew issue he has never been the same last year 2011 he led the league in holding penalties this year the speed rushers have been all over him and while he did only allow one sack this year, he made Manning visibly nervous forcing him to step up into the pocket or roll out away FROM clady on numerous occasions.. ..

Does that mean he will be 100 % of what he was a rookie? I'll let John and John worry about that..

Again if they find the money OK by me as they are a lot closer to the situation than you or I am..

the facts were when I originally posted numbers were :
  • we had 18.5 mil in free space going into the season.. 11 and change of which was roll over money.. those were numbers gathered and published by a national concern.. Whether they are spot on or not I do not know for sure.. but none the less 18.5 million..
  • we had 35 players under contract at that time according to sporttrac all of which I listed, since then we have signed apx 17 players to future contracts.. totaling as of yesterday (24Jan) 52 players . all listed above in this thread..

now numerous others have went thru the numbers and posted salaries of those they found, I have not checked their accuracy and everyone that has done so has come up with different numbers who is spot on or not I have no idea..

while I appreciate your taking last years numbers and subtracting out who you believe will be gone I still stand on 18.5 million IF Pat allows us to spend it all to fill out some 25 roster spots when the season starts and that includes the number of IR players that have to fit under the cap.. 35 on the list adding 18 for the 53 man roster plus an average of 7 on IR or 60 players.. 25 players for 18.5 mil 740 K per person..

BTW I note you did not list Williams on the cut list, that IMO is a for sure cut..

but thanks again for your thoughts,, even IF I do not see it the way you do....

BTW the real dead money according to Sportrac i listed above at about 1 million for the coming year NOT counting who they may cut in the future
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