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Pat Bowlen

Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
By next year I meant 2013. Sorry that did not come across correct.

But the 89% is a league wide number correct ..

Therefore as long as the league hits that number the CBA is satisfied.

We all know the smaller market teams can not afford to hit the top number. Therefore the reason for it being an average.

Correct me if I'm wrong.

And even IF they do Pat could still stay on the lower edge of it and spend right at the 114 level which if my calculations are correct would be about only about ten mil more this year than last.
He theoretically could, but there are provisions in there to prevent it. Among them are that the league has to pay the difference the the players union, which no one wants to do, and there are things they can do to the teams for not meeting the minimum.

Honestly, the league has to try and hit %100 and the league will self-enforce each team spending at least %89 of their cap each. And you are correct in that the new season doesn't start for a few months, but that is the cap number we're all talking about here.
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