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So does anyone have a current guess (Eddie mac, DB, etc.) at how much cap room we have now with the future contracts (50 players) signed? I know you still have to figure in dead money from years past, but I believe SportTrac has those numbers.

If anyone has a good estimate or guess, let me know. It would be helpful when trying to calculate the money that would be available. I've read from various places that the number is ~ $18.5 where we stand now. Is that correct? Seems like it would more given DB's post on the 50 contracts equaling the number he posted, but I am assuming that didn't include bonuses, dead money, etc.

In my opinion, lonestar's huffing and puffing about the cap and us not having enough money is absurd. Basically, he just doesn't like Clady. Here is why we can fiscally do it:

Ryan Clady is the only big name free agent we have this year: It isn't like we are some team who has four good players with contracts expiring.

The free agents worth retaining are likely to come at an affordable price:

I see the Broncos re-signing David Bruton to keep playing special teams. He will be an affordable contract. Justin Bannan can be re-signed on the cheap home discount. He likes playing for Del Rio and I doubt would get more lucrative offers at anywhere else at this point in his career. Bring back Kevin Vickerson. He is an RFA. If another team wants him, they lose a pick. He won't be getting a huge contract, but like Bannan, can operate in this scheme and be effective.

Bring back Koppen unless you feel the need to draft someone to compete with J.D. Walton. Great interior prospects this year. Could be considered. Does Stokley have another year of fire? If so, he is coming cheap. Brian Leonhard isn't going to break the bank either. How many players outside of this is that? 5 or 6? Doubt that even costs us more than 15 million, probably even less.

Ball, Brooking, Gronkowski, Hunter, Warren, Willis can all go elsewhere. What is the status on Hester?

Players like Mitch Unrein and Tony Carter will probably be back on the team as ERFA. [Maybe Carter isn't] We are the only team that can offer them contracts. I'm betting they will come back at pretty cheap prices.

At least five rookies are going to make the team and be playing for a relatively small amount of change. Some of them are likely to replace positions on the team right now that are costing us much more money, i.e. -- linebacker. I don't see any way possible that the Broncos go in to 2013 with Williams and Mays both here accounting for over $11 million against the cap. There are other players like Caleb Hanie who could be trimmed and we could get savings there as well too.

Ryan Clady needs to be re-signed. We have some starters, but mostly role players and depth to replace. It won't be hard to retain them, and with a few quality draft selections, we will have upgrades over most all of them. Jesus.
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