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Originally Posted by DenverBrit View Post
One question, Gaffney.

Is FEMA correct about the cause of the collapse of the Twin Towers?

Simple question, give a direct answer to it.
If you read the FEMA report you know that FEMA never resolved how the WTC collapses occurred. FEMA did its report on a shoestring budget.

FEMA did conclude that the best fire scenarios for the collapse of WTC-7 had only a low probability of occurrence.

Did you hear what I just said? It's right there in the FEMA report.

You should also know that FEMA's experts also did not have free access to the WTC site. THis shocking fact ought to make clowns like you question your own leaders -- but I suppose this is why you are a clown in the first place.

FEMA was only allowed on site in a very controlled and supervised manner. This was totally outrageous. This is why FEMA had few to none samples of steel to examine.

Even as FEMA attempted to make the best of this bad situation -- the WTC steel was being shipped to China on a fast boat.

Thus most of the crucial evidence that would have answered all of the questions about the collapse was being destroyed.

The destruction of evidence is itself a very serious crime -- yet one that the clowns on this board have never protested.

Fortunately, FEMA did acquire a very few steel samples from WTC-7 -- and these were the basis for the important metallurgical paper which you cited -- by Barnet and Biederman.

Their conclusions ought to make you question everything you thought you knew - but of course -- being a clown you swallowed all the lies.

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