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CJ Anderson

Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
Again. If all we needed was a OLT that would be one thing. But we have several holes to fill and LOADs of depth to restore.

So spend 12 mil per year on one guy or spend that 12 mil On 3-4 guys which makes more sense to you.

But what you or I want makes no difference it is what John And John want.
Now your just proving my point, why add another "hole to fill" by letting a top 5 LT in the league walk?

We need an MLB, DT, OL, CB, S, and even saying that we can cover those positions with scheme. Signing PM to monster money then not protecting him with a proven vet in his blind side is a true waste of money.

I could almost see your point if we had a running QB like Kapernick or that scrub who washed out of the league in NY but we need to protect our old drop back passer.

Your looking at it from a money end which is something that a typical manager might do but a good manager would see his talent, weigh it against his needs and pay for it if it made his group stronger. A problem with American companies is that they look at the bottom line 1st and make decisions off of that rather than look at performance and how it will impact the future. OMG we can fire one dude and free up 160k and replace him with a kid out of college for 40k a year, there by passing up all that talent and experience to make a spread sheet look good.
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