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Originally Posted by Bacchus View Post
You are delusional if you think Fox and Elway is going to demand Champ take a paycut. You are a friggin idiot if you think Champ is going to accept a pay cut to $5 million. Champ will say if you don't like my salary cut me.
And they should consider cutting him if they can land Revis. Unless youre a QB, you have zero business being 35 and the highest payed at your position. Use that 11 Million to sign a DL, WR and S. REvis and Champ make the same. Ill take the 27 yr old REvis minus a 1st rounder over the 35 yr old Champ every ****ing day man. **** Loyalty. Youre right, he wont accept a pay cut so why should we show him loyalty?
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