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Originally Posted by Bmore Manning View Post
Why is resigning our own players INCLUDING Clady, and signing Collie to a cheap deal DREAMING? It's not dreaming at all. I just showed you how 2 players we were gonna essentially dump (Mays, DJ) can be replaced cap wise and roster wise by our best T and a draftee LB, which mark my words we will add one through the draft.

So how exactly is that not logical or DREAMING? Also say we draft a LT and don't resign Clady. What are we doing with all that extra cap room to improve the team?
Again. If all we needed was a OLT that would be one thing. But we have several holes to fill and LOADs of depth to restore.

So spend 12 mil per year on one guy or spend that 12 mil On 3-4 guys which makes more sense to you.

But what you or I want makes no difference it is what John And John want.
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