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Spencer Larsen

Originally Posted by Ray Finkle View Post
and I believe that falls a lot on Ovie. He wants to do, what he wants to do. The first tough coach he had was Hunter. Hunter couldn't wait to get out of DC.....

What needed to be done was to give him a Mike Keenan/Hitchcock style head coach early on instead of letting him just be Ovie.

I think if that happened, he career would have gone more like Steve Yzerman than the current projectory of Alex Kovalev.
Hunter was only going to stay in DC if he got to the finals, he has a good thing going here in London and really seems to thrive in the OHL. Ovie was never a leader, he needs a strong leader on the field, not necessarily a Sakic but certainly no less than a Toews or Chara. I don't think a coach can truly control Ovy without rocking the boat too much, the only thing a coach can do is bench him which is counterproductive. A leader on the ice who can beat some sense into him is what he needs.
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