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The concept of seperation of church and state is John Locke and thought highly of by Thomas Jefferson. It was penned by Jefferson in some letter or article he wrote in a religious newspaper, or to a church something like that.
Ironically it was written to a Baptist Minister in the spirit that his Church was off limits to government meddling. The "Wall of Separation" was meant to protect the Church from the threat of Government more than to protect the Government from the Church. Exactly the opposite conclusion from what the modern progressive professional re-interpreters like to take away.

I always thought if I were a history teacher, I'd require all my students to read the Danbury Baptist letter so students could see the context as it was intended. There'd be more that a few people out there who would complain that reading that very same letter in public school was a violation of their modern SOCAS construction.

Long story short, they only want you to remember 5 words out of that letter.

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