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Originally Posted by colorado jones View Post
Want-a-be Internet GM's are by far the most annoying.

There is a reason you are sitting on your toilet posting on a football message board.
To me the most annoying posters are the "I want" every flicking player that hits UFA and even worse those that are RFA Or anytime some one hears a rumor that a revis type player might hold out.

They have to be the first moron to start a new thread to ask the question what does everyone think.

Since 90% of the kiddies on here have no conception of budgets or management of personnel they get the answer they want hell yes. Without any idea if we could afford them and if asked then they promptly start by talking about cutting any with a cap ale over 50 bucks. So they can play FF owner.

As for my posts I have stated a few time that I do it when taking a dump. It was meant to be a funny as most of those threads were about crap anyway.

But as usuall most of the humor was completely over your HEAD.

See, another funny " head".

I realize some do not care for my commentary because I just state the facts as I know them. And when proved wrong I admit it and thank them for setting me straight unlike some of the morons on here. That take things personally and will never let it go.
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