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This kind of partisan "torched earth" politics hasn't been seen in America since the Civil War. It's not something the founders would have agreed with in the slightest. It is ideologues using parliamentary procedure to block the will of the people from being done.
We're in the Era of the supermajority if you want to get anything significant done. Maybe that's a good thing short term as the United States approached 16T long-term debt and projected 10T by end of the Presidents Term. If people really want a siginificant change, i.e. healthcare reform in 2006- 2008, they will elect a supermajority of the party that can get it done- and even then 1 seat almost killed the entire effort.

To be honest, I would prefer the Federal Government get NOTHING passed until they can figure out a way to cut spending to match net taxes, or raise taxes to meet current spending- but this spend $1.00 and collect $75 cents from the public stuff is nonsense...
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