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Originally Posted by B-Large View Post
Its the design of the United States government, specifically making it very hard to get **** done.... its probably a good thing in the end
Actually it's not the design of the Constitution, it's based on rules the Senate made up. The Constitution does not specify anything about filibusters.

The U.S. Goverment is designed to be inefficient, by way of having four different bodies needing to agree on something (or a supermajority of two) in order for anything to get done.

The Filibuster is a fine concept that should be kept, but anyone who defends the current abuse of the idea is quite silly.

The filibuster should be reserved for something that *really* matters, and it should take actual effort to do in order to prevent its abuse. The current bull**** of effortless, anonymous filibusters is ridiculous. If it's something that matters so much to the minority, they should have no problem actually having to, you know, filibuster.
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