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But here’s another way you might not have heard: Some Republicans are looking to change the Electoral College system in battleground states that Democrats have won in the last two cycles. As the Washington Post reports, Republicans in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia -- all controlled at the state level (in some form or fashion) by the GOP -- have proposed awarding their Electoral College votes by congressional district instead of the winner-take-all approach used by every state except for two (Maine and Nebraska). “No state is moving quicker than Virginia, where state senators are likely to vote on the plan as soon as next week,” the Post says.

I guess the Republicans haven't picked up on the concept of a democracy, where sometimes you lose and have to respond to the will of the people and change your message, and methods, to win elections. The Republicans are just going to bypass all that "democracy" crap and simply figure out a way to steal what they want (just like they control the House not because they won it fair and square in elections, but because they gerrymandered the **** out the country so that nobody else has a chance). Oh, they also refuse to alter the filibuster rules in the Senate.

Why bother even holding elections?
So whether Republicans try to change rules in one case or refuse to alter existing rules in another, they're "cheating" either way.

Who knew?
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