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As far as I can tell, the purpose of this thread wasn't to advocate that John Fox should be fired (of course, if he *were* fired, that would make me happy). Rather, it was to solicit feedback on WHEN he will inevitably be fired, whether that's next year or 5 years from now.

In fact, I speculated that he'd be the HC for another 5 years, which is more time than most folks (even supporters) have given him.

Almost every coach has been fired at least once. And 90% or more of those that have never been fired will eventually be fired. There aren't many coaches who have left a team on their own terms. Tom Landry didn't. Don Shula didn't. Mike Shannyham didn't. Even Parcels left a trail of destruction everywhere.

The only guy I can think of who fits the bill is Bill Walsh.
I don't think Cowher ever got fired. Dungy left on his own terms, at least the second time. Don't think Parcells ever got canned either. He just didn't have any patience for people's ****.
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