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Matt Prater
Default's this for cold (from today's Boston Globe):

As New England’s highest point, Mt. Washington is the self-proclaimed home of the world’s worst weather. And today is proof: Current conditions at the observation deck have wind chill at just over 70 degrees below zero.

Currently, the summit’s air temperature, not factoring in the 105.9 mile-per-hour wind gusts, is 22.5 degrees below zero at the Mt. Washington Observatory. Sustained winds are clocking in at just over 87 miles per hour.

A live-feed of the summit on Thursday mostly showed ice, thanks to a nearly frozen-over pane of glass between the indoor webcam and the frigid outdoor air.

“In terms of our webcams from the observation deck, they point a heater directly at that window, but even the heater doesn’t stop the frost from forming outside today,” said observatory spokeswoman Judy Heininger.
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