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Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
First of all I'm not angry about winning or losing a debate.. just want you to justify the numbers you put out..

thanks for coming back with this..

Yes I had someone else point out it would be tag money and not contract money

I'm not all that sure that a drafted OLT can not be just as good as clady is at this time..

his run blocking has always been less than great and lately since his knee issue the speed rushers have given him trouble while not officially giving up but one sack there have been hurries or forcing Manning up into he pocket..

You can go back and check my records/post about always wanting to up grade the OL and DL..

IMO that has been a weak spot for decades..

no need to be hostile just because all I have ever asked is how are you going to pay for some of the dream you and others have had..
Why is resigning our own players INCLUDING Clady, and signing Collie to a cheap deal DREAMING? It's not dreaming at all. I just showed you how 2 players we were gonna essentially dump (Mays, DJ) can be replaced cap wise and roster wise by our best T and a draftee LB, which mark my words we will add one through the draft.

So how exactly is that not logical or DREAMING? Also say we draft a LT and don't resign Clady. What are we doing with all that extra cap room to improve the team?
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