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Think about this guys. Revis will be a FA after next season. If Denver could send the jets a 4th or 5th and get Revis it would be awesome. If Revis plays very well then the Broncos could think about re-signing him. If Revis wants too much money they let him go to FA.

On a one year deal I would not mind paying him $11 million. He'll be worth it for one year. He might just get a SB ring in Denver. Maybe he'll play so good Denver will re-sign him and move Champ to Safety?

I wouldn't just say "hell no" on this. His one year deal means that he will probably be traded cheap and that will give Denver all the flexibility on what they want to do with him after the 2013 season.

It really depends on the market. Some team might come in with a 2nd rounder and give Revis a new contract. Then of course I would not want Denver being that team.
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