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Originally Posted by rugbythug View Post
there are 48 players on our Roster I would cut to find money for Clady. Lucky for us we won't have to.
Actually there are 52 players on the roster 35 of which were on it at the end of season the last group was the practice squad and a few others were signed since the EOS.

Yet for the past at least 4 years and IIRC a couple of Mikey's last years Pat has held the GM/HC from sending the entire car space we actually had.

During the last throes of Mikey's time the rumor got started that Pat was broke.

While we supposedly have about 20 million in cap space, what makes anyone believe that Pat is going allow John to spend it all this year? Of that cap space we have 11.5 is being carried ver from last year.

What's makes folks think we will not carry that much to next year?
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