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Originally Posted by Fedaykin View Post
You're expecting Cutt to actually grasp the topic -- something he proves on a daily basis is completely beyond him.

He prefers a good ideological rant with plenty of ad hominems, strawmen, red herrings and appeals to ridicule (among may other dishonest tactics).
BS lots of non republicans have talked about our single corp tax system. Written for a day when very little money was made overseas.

Now that billions made overseas we should do our best to entice corporations to bring that back into the American banking system rather then offshore it. The best way to do that is to drop the worldwide tax rate down but at the same time make a law requiring them to bring a certain % of that profit home. Right now people call it hiding the money, dodging taxes, but really its perfectly legal and the smart business move. You can't pay 50% tax in the host country, then bring those profits home to usa and pay another 35%.

Really you are all stuck on the fact our companies do business overseas but that is just fact of the world now. We need to get some of that money into our govt revenue stream. Corp tax reform is the single biggest thing Obama could do to increase jobs.
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