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Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
I am not asking WHO you want I wanted to know WHERE you think they would get the new LT.

Your insane if you think a 2nd or 3rd round LT would come in and start day 1 and be equal or better than Clady.

Again you keep ignoring my references to the Chicago Bears OL issues, they drafted Gabe Carimi in the 1st round and they are still waiting for him to step up and pan out, that is after totally wiffing on Chris Williams and before that Marc Columbo (who eventually made a decent career bouncing around the league after getting cut for sucking.

I don't want names, I want to know how you figure John will draft a replacement that is = or > Clady.

Clady was the 2nd Tackle taken at 12 the year he was drafted, after that there was a run on tackles, 5 out of the next 10 picks were OT's.

If your saying let Clady walk and then get a guy in the draft that is = or > then we need to move up into or near the top 10. In order to that we would have to package at least 2, maybe even 3 picks which would totally hose up our development down the road and kill the chances that we aquire other positions of need like a top flight MLB, DT, RB, S, etc...
I'll say it again. and hikite the part that you seemed to miss

Frankly I do not know I have not followed college ball for a long time and get my info about the players from the bowl games, the upcoming north south and then during the combine..

I have never alluded to being a draft guru, frankly I doubt John would care about my thoughts on it..

I'll let John and his scouting staff with input from the coaching staff make those decisions.. I doubt they want to hear from anyone on a forum any way..

it is above my pay grade as it is yours..

I have heard this is a very good year for OT's in the draft .

so you guess..

Not every starter has to be taken in the top ten.. I suspect there will be a couple available in the first three rounds.. with a decent selection at 28..

all of which will cost a third or less of what clady will get..
I have never alluded to saying I'm know who or where the players come from.

I have said that and will stick by it that drafted players can start in the nFL.

Perhaps he will not be at Cladys level day one because even Clady was not at this level day one.

If they have to keep a TE or blocking back in to protect Manning on some plays so be it.

They do not wind up playing Clady on the vicinity of 12 mil(cap dollars) per year. Which he will not doubt get from some one.

You are not going to get me to commit to naming a player that will be as good or better than Clady is at this moment.

Hey maybe the next guy will be better. Hell Franklin surprised the hell out of folks this year with his improvement. And when was he drafted.

And Yes I know that manning has a limited life span in Denver,but we also have other priorities to pay for that 12 mil would go along way to fix other issues.

Hope that answers your questions
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