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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
Most of what you posted is naked MHR speculation. Fox was probably talking off the cuff when he said "New Offense" as in they had a lot of adjustments to work through. But it's hard to answer it more definitively than McCoy did when he said "The system's going to stay intact"

Read the article I posted, because both he and Fox go further.

Fox didn't even call it his own system. Like I said, I'm not even sure one exists.
I guess I see it differently because the section you quote is John Fox talking about John Fox's offense which was a traditional pro style offense which was more run heavy, play action based on Joe Gibbs stuff. Basically old school, like 1980s stuff. It also refers to the Bill Parcells offenses that Parcells implimented with the Giants back in the 80s and later with New England and the Jets. The article also says the McCoy didn't even call the plays when McDaniels was the HC. It was McDaniels who called all the offensive plays. So McCoys role as the OC was minimal. Really it the whole article sounds like McCoy is trying to make everything sound as smooth as possible but the reality was that there was a lot of change and that very much affected Orton who didn't do well and players like Lloyd who knew his catches were going to decrease.

Krieger's main point of the article was that there is some confusion as to what offense the Broncos were going to run now that McDaniels was gone and a more conservative HC in Fox was in place.

Now, I shall endeaver to sum up your point and bid you a good night sir:

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