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D.J. Williams

Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
Looks like Stacy will be getting that Lamborghini a few years early. You can't have him.'ve got a decent shot with Stacy, but I think after yesterday things have changed. It will be close. The kid was at the BBall game last night with the rest of our recruits and had a great time. The students were chanting his name along with Collins and 6. Our biggest asset there is his HS coach is a former UM running back who is trying to steer him to us. The kid is an independent thinker (and a bit of a headcase at times), so its no lock, but between his HC, the NCAA stepping on their *****, and the U stealing your stud SoFla recruiter, I am starting to hear good things about Stacy being a Cane, after FSU leading for much of the year.

Sorry bro, but we're going to take an axe to your class and your top targets. We've got a ****load of all-world recruiters now. Big Al, the Cuban Sandwich (James Coley and Mario Cristobal), Michael Barrow and Brennan Carroll.

We've got SoFla on lockdown now Req. You're out of luck. Big Al and the two Cubans could close in a millionaires whorehouse.......with 2 dollars and a pack of gum.

We got your boy, Req and now we're gonna steal your kids. Ruh-roh!

Stacy is going to look great in orange and green!


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