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Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
I agree, he has to be in the conversation for like top 10 but I think Bart Star was a better QB than Brady even though he had a pre FA team that was better than the Pats ever were.

I go at it with a friend of mine all the time about Tommy, he thinks he is the best ever and no one else is close, I told him back in 2005 that I didn't think Brady would ever win another SB, they came damn close but so far it maddens him that I have been right.
For me Brady is clearly in the conversation for GOAT. He occupies that space with Elway and Montana. All have a lot to offer:

Montana won more superbowls

Elway elevated really poor teams to elite status before Quarterbacking two
amazing teams.

Brady is the all time leader in playoff wins and has been to 5 superbowls, plus two more championship game appearances. Brady has been in the superbowl almost nearly half of the time since he's been a pro. He makes a championship game appearance 58% of the time. It's remarkable really.

I get that Brady has been on really good teams, but still he's the quarterback. You don't rack up those numbers without someone special taking snaps.
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