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All the evidence says you are wrong, including the fact that Fox says it was a new offense, but whatever.
Most of what you posted is naked MHR speculation. Fox was probably talking off the cuff when he said "New Offense" as in they had a lot of adjustments to work through. But it's hard to answer it more definitively than McCoy did when he said "The system's going to stay intact"

Read the article I posted, because both he and Fox go further.

"I call it the Washington Redskins offense," Fox said, by which he did not mean the current Redskins under Shanahan but the Joe Gibbs offenses of the late 1980s and early '90s when Fox first came into the league.
"You can call it the New York Giants offense with (Bill) Parcells. That whole New England, Jets, Giants, Redskins, more run, play-action. It's not the West Coast."
The basic terminology was handed down from Parcells to Bill Belichick to McDaniels, which is convenient for Fox since the lockout deprived him of the offseason time to start from scratch.
"That's the unique thing about this year," McCoy said. "You've got to be careful how much you do starting out because you don't have the minicamps, you don't have the OTAs (organized team activities) and you don't have the meeting time you've had with the players in the past.
Fox didn't even call it his own system. Like I said, I'm not even sure one exists.

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