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Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
Here are the facts.

We had as a month ago 35 players under contract for 2013.
At that time we had 18.5 million under the cap.

We have since signed ten players to future contracts money unknown to me.

Since the roster is 53 and we had 18.5 to spend if Pat allows them to spend every dime, and since he has not the past four years there is little to elite he will this year .

We need 53 to fill out the roster. Means that 18 players have to fit under the cap numbers plus anther 7-10 that will hit IR before the end of the season.. All of which are going to have to be paid and still stay under the cap.

If you spend 12 million n Clady. 10 in salary and 2 in prorated bonus money. How are you going to to be able to afford to fill it the roster.

MO your smart where is the money going to come from.

Or do yu think all of those almost 30 players are going to fit into 6 million dollar..

Again IF Pat allows them to max there salary cap. Which he has not in at least 4 years.

Show me the mney MO.

I know they tried to sign him cheap last year. It back fired and now some other team will out bid them plain and simple

Unless he takes the same contract they offered him last year or less.

What are those odds?

Show me the money MO.
You're overreacting. And clueless, as well.
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