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I think the reality of the Jets/Tebow situation is starting to come out. Tannenbaum and Ryan were getting into it late last season. So when Tb decided he wanted Tim, Tim unknowingly walked into a GM/HC pissing match that Rex decided he wasn't going to lose no matter what. Once the season was over, it was clear either the GM or Rex had to go, and Rex won out.

Really unfortunate that Tim picked the Jets, but going in that would've been tough to predict. Had he picked Jax, it's 90% likely he would've had another shot this year.
With Jax then another GM would have come in and done the same thing to him as Elway did...

You might be right about Tannenbaum/Rex... I think they were just desperate for any kind of offensive player. Plus if Sanchez had tanked or continued to lose the team as he did last season or get injured THEN I think they would have used Tebow as a starting QB. By the end of the season it wasn't worth it to them to get the fans excited for Tebow because they were committed to Sanchez with all the money they gave him.

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