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If you got a link, I'd love to see it. I'm not saying you are wrong, I just don't recall that at all. I do remember something about Brandon Lloyd being upset because he knew he wouldn't be getting the ball as much. The Orton numbers speak for themselves.


I found this a rather interesting statement by Fox during the Orton/Tebow time:

Please note the comments by Fox in the above link: The hard part of the National Football League is that it's hard to master one offense, and when you spend too much (time) trying to master another one, there is not enough time that goes around, particularly with a new staff, a new offense, a new defense, really a new special teams coach as far as coordinators.

aaaaannnd here's the kill shot: With the Lockout, there was no way for the Broncos or Tebow to work on the offense. Remember, don't confuse Mike McCoy's return as offensive coordinator with the concept that the Broncos are running the same offense. They aren't. McCoy was running Josh McDaniels' playbook last year, and this year it's a McCoy/Panthers/Fox playbook. It's a new offense that Tebow did not have the opportunity to work on because of the work stoppage.
Well, that's not quite how McCoy put it, when asked directly.

"The system's going to stay intact," McCoy said last week. "Every time you have a change in a staff, changes are made, whether it's the way you call certain plays or you add certain things, take things out. But the terminology is going to stay the same.
"We're going to add plenty of new things, don't get me wrong, and there's going to be plenty of new concepts in the passing game, some new wrinkles in the running game, some things that we did in Carolina back in the days from 2002 till 2008 when I left"
Anyway, nothing about this sounds like they just brought in "Fox's system" whatever that is.